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As I work my way through the #31bnb, today I worked a little bit harder to find a blog that covered part of my niche. Using the blog search in google I found my way to Mongoose of Mystery and this particular entry. As an interpreter, it’s nice to see folks go out to historic sites and enjoy what they see, or don’t see. They talked about going to Historic St. Mary’s City in Maryland, and lightly comparing that site to Colonial Williamsburg, which for some is the mecca of historical interpretation. Instead of focusing on what St. Mary’s didn’t have (in terms of Williamsburg), the author focused on what they did have and how it enhanced their experience, and as an interpreter, that’s all we want the visitor to do…find out what we have that has enhanced your experience for that day, in the hopes that you do return one day in the future.

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3 Responses

  1. Bundle Brent says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog – I'm really excited to read yours – I specialize in archaeology of the African Diaspora, specifically African American life in the Chesapeake, and I find your job and thoughts/questions here really fascinating.

  2. Kimberlee Stiens says:

    I will definitely check it out! I love when you post 🙂

  3. historychic says:

    @Bundle Brent not a problem! I think that your area of expertise is cool and I can't wait to hear more about it.

    @Kimberlee awww thank you!

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