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“All of Us Would Walk Together” 1

“All of Us Would Walk Together”

I have had just about the best experience working with the sites in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Most of my work has been with Historic St. Mary’s City, but what I have done absolutely...

Fun with Public Lectures 5

Fun with Public Lectures

Last Thursday (March 1) I gave my first public lecture at Historic St. Mary’s City. After such a large crowd at the panel discussion at St. Mary’s College, I thought that the group would...

Introducing Slavery at Historic St. Mary’s City 5

Introducing Slavery at Historic St. Mary’s City

I think there are some folks who chuckle when I tell them I am a consultant, as if that’s not possible. But I am. A large part of what I do and what I...

Panels and Plantations 0

Panels and Plantations

Continuing my week of adventures and presentations, I had the honor of being a panelist at St. Mary’s College of Maryland last night. The panel discussion was about diversity in museums, and how we...

Been a minute 0

Been a minute

What have I been doing? Where did I go? I didn’t go anywhere, but I have been preparing for the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in February. I am a panelist as well...

Making connections 3

Making connections

As I work my way through the #31bnb, today I worked a little bit harder to find a blog that covered part of my niche. Using the blog search in google I found my way...