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pictures of the slave garden 0

pictures of the slave garden

side view with the unfinished wattle fencing early dutch cabbage a view of the bush beans, cabbage, onions and tomatoes beans, squash and cabbage flipping dirt using nothing but a hoe. now that it’s...

Changes! Developments! Frustration! Inspiration! 0

Changes! Developments! Frustration! Inspiration!

February 1st was the last time I blogged huh? I guess I really need to do better about this. I am working on that. I found that it was very hard to blog from...

Slave Cuisine 1

Slave Cuisine

I am looking for inspiration in the form of a meal that the slaves would have had. I have done the fatback and ho cakes, I have made turnip greens over the fire. I...

Putting in a garden 0

Putting in a garden

So I had an idea that we needed a slave garden on site. It would have been historically accurate and I got a little tired of making fatback and ho cakes every time I...

The Slave Identity Crisis 0

The Slave Identity Crisis

So which slave am I? I am finding out that being a slave has left my identity up for grabs. Am I a field slave toiling away from sunrise to sunset or am I...