NCPH 2011

This past week, I had the joy of attending my first professional conference. I am a member of the National Council on Public History and finally got to go to an annual meeting, this one held in Pensacola, Florida. Not only was I attending, but I was presenting on the topic of…you guessed it…interpreting slave life. What can I say? It’s what I do. the experience alone was worth all the cost, and work and tireless days to prepare for it.

The first night we had a meet and greet and quite a few of us just sat there and enjoyed the view. Here we were sitting outside the Barkley House looking at Pensacola Bay enjoying a wonderful breeze. I did get to talking though, as the point was to meet and greet, and I met Anne Whisnant, who is at UNC Chapel Hill but it working on a project with the Blue Ridge Parkway as well as David Cline who is also at Chapel Hill. It was great the way that they made me feel at ease and like I’d known them for years. Although I couldn’t join them for dinner, I did get to run into Anne a few more times during the conference days and she always had a pleasant word to say. It was connections like that over the next 4 days that would set the tone for a wonderful experience. I plan on blogging about a different aspect of the conference for the next few days so do stay tuned….

The connections I made I hope will last quite a while…in fact, those connections are the reason why I have to cut this blog short. I have a few emails I need to answer. But I’m not done with this yet. I have field trips to cover and a few sessions to talk about. There are too many thoughts from NCPH2011 that I have rolling around in my head and I have to share!

Oh and did I mention that I am one of two 2011 New Professional Award winners? Yep. 😉

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  1. Nicole…so glad you had a great time at the conference! Wish I could have met you and congratulated you for your award in person. If you come to Columbia, let me know and we can do lunch or something!

    Rebekah Dobrasko
    NCPH New Professional Award Committee
    SC State Historic Preservation Office

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I was and am sending out an email to the Awards committee as soon as I get settled back into my routine. That conference was amazing and I am so glad I am a member of NCPH. A lot of life changing opportunities and conversations happened last week. I need to make a few road trips it seems and Columbia is on my list of places to be at, especially since you guys are only an hour and a half away from me, so you have not heard the last of me!

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