My Life as a Slave: The Kitty Wilson Evans Story

Hey guys,
2012 is apparently the year that I start asking folks for money to fund projects I feel strongly about huh? Well, this next project is incredibly important to me because it’s about a woman I was fortunate enough to be mentored by and trained with. Miss Kitty Wilson Evans has been telling the story of enslaved African Americans for a hot minute. While she was at Brattonsville, schools would book field trips JUST  so they could see her. The way that she interprets slavery, mostly in 1st person as Kessie, is amazing, and she moved EVERYBODY she comes in contact with. I don’t know how in the world the folks at DunnDeal Publishing even got her to agree to this, but there is a documentary coming out about her and the reason why she is an interpreter. Kitty travels all over just to tell the story and is even featured in advertisements for the National Park Services’ 150th commemorations of the Civil War.

Extremely humble, quiet, and as sweet as she can be, Kitty never asks anyone to make a fuss over her, in fact, she usually hides from the attention. She doesn’t do this for herself, she does this for those that came before her. Now this project only has 14 more days, and they need $5,000. Right now, they only have $35.00 raised. I’ve kicked in and I’m hoping that you can do the same. Any amount will do, but seriously, the more, the merrier.

If you need more information on the project, check out the website they have set up at The Kitty Wilson Evans Story. To donate to the Kickstarter for this project, go here

To view the trailer for the documentary, check the link below.

My Life As A Slave: The Kitty Wilson Evans Story–Trailer

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  1. Dontavius says:

    Im a backer. 🙂 Every dollar gets them closer to their goal. 🙂 Thanks for posting this Nicole.

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