The Road to Freedom

This week is looking to be phenomenal. The Student Freedom Ride started on Friday and is rolling into Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC Monday and Tuesday. I have been working on setting up the stop in Rock Hill for a few months and I cannot wait for everything to happen. On Wednesday I’m thinking I may dedicate a few blogs to the topic and hit ya’ll up with some pictures.

I say “thinking” because hopefully I will be rested enough after the fact to get things done. While I am a person who mostly does slave life, I think it’s important to spread my wings and explore other monumental moments in history. I am learning more and more about Civil Rights and how that movement changed the world I live in. I never really thought about it, but those Freedom Riders and those who fought to make sure that everybody, no matter what race, had the same rights are living legends and heros. Younger generations can look up to them and they should look up to them and see, appreciate and continue the work that they started.

There will be more to come in the following days but for now may I suggest checking out Freedom Riders and follow them on twitter @FreedomRidePBS

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